ARMS #22 Scope Rings - Quick Detach

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All Steel 30mm Ring, secured with A.R.M.S.® dovetail system to an extruded aluminum platform. A 1 inch insert is available to convert these rings to fit 1 inch tubes

Ideal for swapping Scopes between rifles, or Night Vision to standard scopes without losing the Zero

Low - Height: .925″ / 23.495mm

Medium - Height: 1.150″ / 29.21mm

Measured from the center of the optic to the base - The are sold in Pairs

The New MK-II Lever® features a built-in precision adjustment wheel allowing finger tip (no tool) selection to desired tension to fit variations in 1913 Mil-Std Dimensions.  The mounts adjustment wheel comes pre-gauged and locked to the center of the Mil-Std dovetail specs.  The hash marks to the left or right of the adjustment wheels white marked indicator line, represent .002 Quick Detach Throw Lever® Mil-Std 1913 Rail MK-II Lever® mounting attachment.

Whos is ARMS

A.R.M.S.®, Inc. is the original designer and manufacturer of the dovetail dimensions for Military and Civilian use since 1980.  Those original A.R.M.S.® dovetail dimensions were eventually adopted in 1995 as the Mil-Std 1913 Rail.

ARMS Repeat Zero Guarantee

Why the Repeat Zero Guarantee?

The spring loaded cammed lever pulls in a downward force when the lever is pushed inward which does not disturb the windage (azimuth) normally encountered with thumbnuts, bolts, wrenches, and/or ratchet knobs, which only secure the cross force direction and varying non-repeat tension. Because the Throw Levers pull down instead of across, it means positive controlled attachment not found on any other system. No threads to strip, no cross threading, ratchet wear, over-tightening, crushed or dented rails when using the A.R.M.S. spring loaded attachment. A.R.M.S. Throw Levers will also not freeze or absorb sand and mud, like threaded and ratchet designs.

The unique force of direction and constant repeat tensions guarantee on and off repeat-ability. The rings snap into the same locked zero aiming position securely each and every time, and once the laser/optic has been zeroed to a quality standard mil-spec dimension-ed dovetail rail which is secured to the same weapon. Easy on and off, no tools required, once the ring caps are secured: The spring loaded feature also acts like a shock absorber which provides a shock reducing barrier to sensitive optical/laser devices for extended service life and cost savings.

All A.R.M.S.® Throw Lever® made mounts are designed to fit certified Mil-Std. 1913 Rails, via pre-measured spring loaded tension. If one of our Throw Lever® mounts is too loose or too tight, the chances are you have an after market rail that is not dimensioned to the Mil-Std. dimensions.

An alternative to attaching to after market non-mil-spec rails is to use our line of self-locking thumbnut mounts (The MKII)