Aimsport Triton 42 Sneezer

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The silencer for you who really value performance in a non-obtrusive format! With only 42mm diameter you can be sure that the Triton 42S does not disturb your sighting image even when using a low power magnification scope. Add its performance and you have a silencer that works great when stalking as well as hunting from a stand.

Triton Sneezer has the same unique durability as the Triton but offers noise-, recoil-, and muzzleflame reduction in top class. Triton Sneezer is built on the same concept as the as triton but has an additional expansion chamber/recoil wall which provide a significant increase in performance despite its limited addition of length of totally 5cm.

Triton and Triton Sneezer are fully compatible with eachother (Triton 42 wih 42S and Triton 50 with 50S) which means that it is possible to “re-build” one model into the other by attaching that front in the same (or other) caliber to use in a different kind of hunt or also on a different rifle as long as both rifles have the same thread dimensions – a flexible silencer concept that you tailor to your needs. Note! Change of caliber is not allowed in all markets – ask your distributor for info!

Triton Sneezer is the choice for you who puts noise reduction performance first and maybe shoot a heavy caliber and want to tame heavy recoil. 


Length: 264 mm (adds 159 mm to the barrel)

Diameter: 42 mm (Max barrel diameter: 22,5 mm)

Weight: 425 g

Materials: Stainless steel/ Aluminium – Soft-Touch Surface treatment

Noise reduction: 28-30 dB

TRITON is the first silencer on the market that efficiently use the best characteristics from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel.

  • The exterior in aluminum creates a light-weight silencer that hardly affect the balance of the rifle and that makes it a perfect companion also on long ”walk-and-stalks” during your hunt.
  • The interior made of stainless steel gives TRITON its durability and gives you as a hunter/sports shooter the freedom to practise intensively with the silencer on your rifle without being worried that the interior of the silencer will get damaged – perfect for training on the range and in a shooting cinema!

We call this concept SHOOTING UNLIMITED – indestructible volume shooters that fit hunters and sports shooters equally well.