Terms and Conditions


Product descriptions, typographic, pricing and photographic errors are unintentional and subject to correction. We regret, but are not liable for, incorrect photos, pricing or typographical errors.

We reserve the right to refuse any order, for any reason.

Made to Order

Most products (Thermal and Night Vision) are made to order; This is standard practice with the Factories.

Certain Products require a End User Certificate which may require Government Export Approval. The most product displayed on this website are fine for a New Zealander to own; including Gen3 Night Vision and Thermal Rifle Scope.

Contact us for details and timings if you have specific requirements

We cannot guarantee any dates as this can change with production at the Factories, additionally shipping and customs can cause delays

You also benefit from this with lower prices, to stock every unit would cost a lot of money in holding costs - plus some units wouldn't be the latest design either!


In the interests of keeping prices low some of our products may not be immediately available due to the size of the range and availability with the supply

Exchange Rate

The prices stated on the website are in New Zealand Dollars, and while we monitor the US Dollar Exchange rate - we reserve the right to alter pricing at anytime due to exchange rate changes - including after the order is placed until such time as the funds are converted into USD.

Should the NZD to USD exchange rate drop below 0.65 cents we reserve the right to amend the pricing

If you are not sure please ask us


Once a order for Thermal or Night Vision products has been made it is non cancellable or refundable

We will of course try to re-sell the product

ITAR - Export and Resale Restrictions

Thermal and Night Vision Items may be subject to the ITAR regulations and may not be re-exported from New Zealand - You must inform us if you sell the unit and provide details of the new Owner and ensure that they understand the same.

If you have any questions please let us know