Drone and RPAS Detection and Protection System.

The drone and remotely manned aircraft market is becoming a large market with enormous potential and applications. Even so, low cost and easy access make it a potential threat to security and privacy.

In CENTUM we have developed an active defense system capable of detecting threats and creating a shield of electronic countermeasures preventing the intrusion of drones in protected areas and diverting them to safe catch areas: NO FLY ZRONE

NO FLY ZRONE© is effective against the vast majority of drones and RPAS, whether radio-controlled by an operator or by autonomous guidance through GPS. NO FLY ZRONE© detects drones and discriminates against those that constitute potential threats. Once the threat has been classified, NOFLYZRONE© neutralizes the drone control system by taking control of it and driving it to a safe area for its descent and capture; it can also geolocate the operator of the drone.

NO FLY ZRONE is a modular system