Night Vision for Search and Rescue

We are experts in the Night Vision Field - if you are looking for some Night Vision Equipment for your Search and Rescue Team then definitely talk to us

We can provide you with the best equipment and training that suits your practical needs and budget; Including high end Gen 3 and the latest 4G tubes at performance levels that exceed what the Defence and Police force have.

Coastguard and LandSAR units are already clients of ours and we also offer special pricing for any SAR Teams as well


Using both eyes for the price of one

The PVS-7 is perfect for observation and surveillance. It can be head mounted, helmet mounted or just handheld. Utilizing one tube is extremely cost efficient while still using both eyes.

This makes the PVS-7 a long time proven night vision system for a various amount of uses. It shares the compatibility to all objective lens accessories with the PVS14 such as magnification lenses

New technology made compatible with your training

The DTNVG-14 is a lightweight binocular night vision device for professional users. With its solid state technology to control all aspects of its operations, it is a reliable tool for any night vision requirement.
The DTNVG-14 utilizes PVS-14 optics which reduces the training time and availability of accessories and tools for maintenance