Waterproof Intercom Systems


IWCS - a leading supplier of waterproof intercom solutions for marine and mission critical use.

Clear and uninterrupted communication is in many cases a mandatory requirement for getting the job done, and especially in mission critical situations being able to communicate effortlessly and with both hands free is making a world of difference.
At IWCS we are dedicated to develop advanced and user-friendly solutions providing our professional customers trouble-free communication even under the most demanding conditions.

We offer short range communication systems based on wired or wireless technology, and interface to long-range VHF/UHF radios.

Owl Optics is the Representative for New Zealand and Australia

Clear and trouble-free communication under the most demanding conditions

Intercom Solutions.

The importance of clear and uninterrupted communication can not be underestimated. In many cases it is what separates success from failure. Weather conditions, surrounding noise, distance to co-workers - all factors potentially making clear communication difficult or impossible.

The iriSound system combines your existing VHF/UHF radios with a State-Of–The-Art, waterproof intercom system enabling clear and trouble-free communication under the most demanding conditions.

iriSound is a highly advanced audio unit that processes all sound signals to and from external units whether they are headsets, external radio units, a loudhailer, iriStore audio recording unit. The built-in intelligence allows for easy plug-and-play installation when used with other Iridium products – like the iriConnect for wireless headset communication.