iriComm 3.0 Headset


Specifically developed for rescue swimmers and SAR crews, the iriComm 3.0 gives you a winning combination of a waterproof and rugged headset with superior sound quality, effective noise reduction and great comfort for long working hours in the most extreme environments - allowing you to focus on what you do best -getting the job done.

  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Fully Salt Waterproof
  • Heavy Duty Ruggedness
  • Noise Cancelling Mic. ( max. SPL 142 dB. )
  • Comfortable after many hours of use
  • Use it Standalone, in Pairs, Direct to Radio or Connect to Intercom


  • Hear Through
  • 3 Mode LED light
  • 3D Gel earpad


  • Headband or helmet mount
  • Dynamic or electret microphone
  • Wired or wireless headset

Superior sound quality

Whether you’re part of a SAR, life boat or work boat team, it’s vital that you and your crew can be heard and understood. By using high quality, no compromise components you are guaranteed superior sound quality. The high performance noise cancelling boom mic. enables your voice to be transmitted completely filtered out from even the loudest helicopter noise*.

For a full list of professional features, such as remote PPT directly from headset, voice prompts,peer to peer connectivity, dual pairing cell phone and more talk to us

Extremely rugged

With its unique soft-shell design iriComm 3.0 is engineered to provide a shock absorbing housing. The outer materials used have all been selected to withstand seawater and mud

Competitive prices

You will find that not only is iriComm 3.0 a state-of-the-art professional headset solution, but it’s also very competitively priced

We are the New Zealand and Australian Distributor