How to get the most from your NVG's

Often SAR organisations already have some Night Vision Goggles or Devices and even after many years they can actually still be very good - of course new higher performance tubes and models can offer quite a large improvement over older technology.

However there are ways that you can extend the use of what you already have at a much lower cost.

If you are just using the standard head mount that came with the NVG you'll soon find them uncomfortable and find out the reason they are called a Skull Crusher!

By using a proper helmet system, you can comfortably wear them for extended periods, have them stable, balanced and adjusted properly for best viewing which will make you more effective and also allow you to be handsfree for their operation and a helmet also gives protection for bumping your head as well.

By proper helmet, we mean a military style helmet designed for carrying NVG, not a bicycle helmet with a decent mount and properly weighted for balance

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NVG's amplify light; this is the basis for how they work - however in very dark conditions or in areas that light isn't penetrating (such as under trees or in shadows) you will soon find the difference between a decent set or lower performance set. However there is a simple solution, use light! - Now since no one is shooting back at you, there isn't a big reason for you not to simply have a IR lamp providing the light to improve the performance and therefore your visibility.

There is also another reason to have a IR Light, regardless of how good your NVG's are - reflections. A IR Torch is just like any other torch, except you basically can't see it - but the NVG's can and just like a torch lights beam, objects "pop" or reflect when you turn a light on them - metal objects and especially Life Jacket reflectors are much easier to see in any light condition.

Late last year I was out with Coastguard Kawau with some very high performance NVG's, a Helmet setup and Inforce IR torches - we ran a few tests to prove the worth of the helmet (no doubt) and also the Torches and even with very high FOM (performance levels) NVG's the torch added to the detection range, especially at sea and especially with anything reflective

We are the agents for INFORCE torches, which are USA made and used around the world by various militaries and special forces

Use them
Lastly you should take every opportunity to use your NVGs, it's good practice and also can improve safety as well

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