Another Install - Germany

Congratulations to the DGzRS team in Breege, Germany with their new vessel - the Manfred Hessdörfer. This is the 2nd vessel in a new family of DGzRS fast rescue boats deploying the iriSound intercom solution.

German sea rescuers have taken into service a second special 8.9m independent response boat, reports Tom Todd.

The 38knot Manfred Hessdörfer, along with Hellmut Manthey which entered service in 2018, are the fastest boats in a fleet of about 60 serving with the German sea rescue service DGzRS. They are designed for independent operation. Manfred Hessdörfer is now serving out of Breege on the eastern German Baltic island of Rügen while Hellmut Manthey serves in Maasholm near Flensburg at the other end of the Baltic. They are among 55 rescue stations maintained by the DGzRS with180 employees and about 800 volunteers along Germany’s more than 2,300 kms long North Sea and Baltic coast line.